Can’t quite believe its been October since i last posted. So this is a bit of an underline to last year and a slightly belated welcome to 2014.

Last year I met some amazing people who were so inspiring and kind with ideas and advice.  Some of you were visitors to shows and fairs, and left comments in books and on cards, loads of you have been fellow makers and artists, so ace with feedback and advice (Judy, Heather, Vicki, Ruth to name too few) others have been more vocal!  The amazingly talented photographer Fiona Murray, and artist and furniture maker Steve Handley have made huge impressions though!   Steve’s workshop is a must visit this year, although my ordered chaos will be pushed to the extreme i suspect!  Car booting is even more exciting with Fiona….

Today I found out that Nerys Seeks Peace has sold in the Rugby Open, so a very fond farewell to her, she kept me calm. Others who moved onto pastures new included Pippas Bunny Ears, Annas Always Waiting, Stella Shocks, Marigold Always Touches and Felicity Favours Men, amongst, happily (and with a touch of yearning) many others.

Marigold Always TouchesPippas Bunny Earsannals Always WaitingNerys Seeks Peace

I also started a new range of more abstract and floral pieces which I sold at both Lustre and  at 8Artists@The Lewis for Warwickshire Open Studios.

Carousel Dream BouquetAmi

Another new range is my miniatures, which were fab for christmas, and I am now working on a selection I can make all year.IMG_3035 IMG_2997

How do I find this entry so difficult from a technology perspective- I’m not admitting to how long its taken me just to add these few words and images, I’m sure its supposed to be quicker than this!  Sketchbook guilt is pulling me, 3 and a half hours until the kids are home, so characters to create – donated objects , tradition, religion, greek orthodox shrines, are the starting points.

Making now for the shop at National Centre for Craft and Design and SOCK14 with other applications underway… and a break from this keyboard…


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