Valentines Mini Domes and Marketing

Taking a break from making loads of mini domes for Valentines (also thinking they could be themed, and personalised for weddings, babies, need to pursue this idea, thanks to the amazing Vicki Dean for this!) to be pro active in my blog, all fired up from a Design Factory workshop….

Being part of the fabulous Design Factory is one of the best things for being freelance and spending loads of time in my studio.  The opportunities for professional development, the sense of being part of a community of like minded and focussed individuals is all part of what keeps my momentum going sometimes.  The networking opportunities alone, and my awareness of other makers, which keeps growing through Twitter, Facebook and workshops feeds directly into my practice.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a marketing workshop with the inspiring Pete Moseley, part of the Design Factory Thrive programme at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.   Loads of ideas, some I had thought of, loads I hadn’t.  Group discussions with a fab bunch of makers at all stages of their careers, great to hear of the differing approaches depending on product and practice.  This was a definate push to apply the tools I’d been thinking of, I picked up some new ideas, and  I am trying hard to adopt a more strategic approach to my marketing!

Things I remember –

  • The more places you have a profile on the internet, the higher google will promote you
  • A monthly newsletter to my mailing list is a realistic goal, and not too pushy (how English!)
  • Tags are important
  • What is your STORY- this is part of your practice, integral to your work
  • Market yourself for all learning styles- See, Say, Think, Hear
  • There is so much help out there: apps to co-ordinate your tweeting, mailing apps, blogging support forums, and help for website development/maintenance through loads of lower cost avenues- eg. uni students
  • Video my making process!!!

Newsletter is now in the making.  My goal is for that to be out before the end of January – If i publish that comment….. it has to happen!



2 thoughts on “Valentines Mini Domes and Marketing

    1. Oh thank you, Carol! My newsletter is coming on, but juggling making time, marketing, family…. really trying hard to manage time better! Love your blog btw

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