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IMG_0633…getting ready for Sock at Town Hall 23/24 March. 10-4pm. Free Entry


Designer Maker Introduces New Characters to SOCK Audience

******Press Release****** For Immediate Release 12th March 2013

Margaritta Can Never Say No
Margaritta Can Never Say No

March sees the launch of Michaela McMillan’s new work at 2-day show SOCK in Loughbourough. Michaela creates figures and encases them in glass domes. She uses found and collected Matryoshkas – or Russian Dolls, and alters their personality to take on a new persona, using textiles and embroidery techniques, along with recycled materials.

Awarded an Arts Council Grant in 2011 to develop her 12-year practice, she has created this new range in response to her research.

The new direction for the maker follows the discovery of some old diaries. “I loved reading them and wanted to translate the stories of events and people into something visual. My previous work has always had a narrative, but I wanted it to be presented more directly this time. I listen to my daughter creating characters with her toys, and decided to do the same in my work. I want to make pieces that connect with an audience, that hint at the secret dreams, goals, experiences and hidden thoughts we keep in diaries, and our minds.”

Michaela has expanded her range, which also includes wall-based pieces and jewellery (which is currently available at Terracotta Boutique in Rugby). She exhibits all over the country, and is applying for more national events in 2013, as well as working on education and community arts projects.

SOCK is one of the first shows of the 2013 season, and Michaela was selected to show with 36 other makers at Loughborough Town Hall on 23-24 March 10-4pm. Entry is free.


Notes to Editors

Michaela McMillan

SOCK Gallery –

For more information and high-res pictures please contact Michaela McMillan on 01788 332323 or 07950 201345

New pieces for SOCK

Hands so sore after sewing through leather for the last couple of days.  Not quite where I’d forecast I’d be in terms of pieces made, ready for SOCK at Loughborough, 23-24 March, but on the way.  Eight new domed pieces started, and brooches nearly done.  

New domed pieces have definitely got a theatrical and staged edge to them, like being caught in a still from a film.  Hopefully that will come across.  

Still have so much on my to do list.  Press release and school packs not finished yet, new passports for all pieces need to be started, and the plinths for new pieces must be started tonight.   maybe a late one while watching True Blood or Utopia (loving the cinematography of that).Image


textiles and found objects wall piece

This is a blog about my practice and work.

I work with textiles, found objects, papers and text to create three dimensional sculptural wall pieces and surface objects.