The Marriage of Dolly and Hector

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Due to start on 15 September at The Percival Guild House, St Matthews Street, Rugby, Cv21 3BY, 01788 542467

Crafts with Textiles and Paper 10 – 12noon

6 meetings, £42.20, £21.60 concessions

Small craft projects in a friendly relaxed group.  A chance to mix traditional and contemporary skills on a variety of projects.  Produce functional pieces, gifts for Christmas, or just play with techniques, using a variety of materials from threads and fabrics to papers and wires, recycled materials mixed with new.  Small charge for materials payable to tutor.

Current stockists of my work, soon to be expanding….



Navigation Wharf

Carre Street



NG34 7TW



13 Bank St, Rugby


CV21 2QE

Upcoming Events

I am delighted to have been selected for my 2nd year at LUSTRE

14-16 November 2014

Lakeside Arts Centre

University Park



10 – 5 pm Sat, Sun


And in the New Year with Design Factory at CRAFT

(Co-located with Top Drawer and HOME)

11 – 13 January 2015

Olympia London

Hammersmith Rd


W14 8UX

The Marriage of Dolly and Hector….the story…

Dolly shared her first kiss with Hector.

 Twenty years ago in St Ives, on holiday at a caravan park with her family, Dolly clocked Hector. Following a brief flirtation over a game of table tennis, they kissed. They arranged to meet the next day at the shower block. Dolly never got to see Hector trying to act cool, but checking his watch. Her parents had decided to leave at 5am to beat the traffic home. She replayed the kiss over and over in disbelief that her first holiday romance at 14, had been quashed before it even started.

They met again 4 months ago, speed dating, Dolly knew there was something about Hector, who knew there was something familiar about Dolly. They swapped stories.

Hector went to University in Manchester, and worked at the student union. Dolly’s best friend also studied in Manchester.   Whenever Dolly visited they went to the Union. Hector probably served her. 

Dolly conquered the Inca Trail in 2000, in fact she celebrated the millennium at Machu Picchu. So did Hector. He can be seen partying in the background of Dolly’s photos.

Five years ago, in Leeds, Dolly was knocked off her bike by a bus. Hector had been on the bus, and lost his job for being late that day.

Hector proposed almost immediately. Dolly said yes straight away. They didn’t want to lose each other again.

July Workshops


Garden Gate Rugby, 44 Regent St, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2PS
Childrens Workshop – Domed Treasure Token £12.50 per child
July 12th 10 – 12am
Create a beautiful treasure token using recycled materials and flowers, and presented in a clear dome or box. All materials provided, children must be accompanied by an adult. Booking essential, please call 01788 567488

Enchanting Wedding Favour Dome – £18.50 per person
July 12th 1.30 – 3.30pm
This workshop explores how to use recycled materials from broken bits of jewellery and fairy lights to dried flowers, with wires and stitch, to create a personalised momento for a gift or to keep (there will be examples in our Wedding Window from Friday 26th June). Booking essential, please call 01788 567488

At Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Little Elborow St, Rugby CV21 3BZ
Poppy Making Workshop – FREE drop-in workshop 16+

July 25th 2 – 4pm
A mixed media workshop creating poppies from recycled materials to commemorate World War 1. The poppies will be used to decorate Caldicott Park for an event on 5th August. A memento can also be made to take home.
Part of the Heritage Lottery Grant World War 1 Project “Fall in”

01788 533201


Newsletter completed!

So only 10 days behind schedule, and I have actually sent out my first e-newsletter….  ridiculously pleased!  For anyone wanting to do the same, Mailchimp has been great.  I can’t say its been straight forward the whole way, but I think thats more of a reflection on my skills, than anything else.

Now I have just a few mini love tokens left, which have been aimed at Valentines day, but I quite fancy having them around all the time, and this afternoon I am going on a course at the fabulous Ruth Singers workshop in Leicester, focussing on Publishing Opportunities, and I am really looking forward to it!  I’m wondering about a fiction/recycled materials/ character synopsis/ coffee table/ inspiration affair.  Think this may need refining….red glitter heart

Valentines Mini Domes and Marketing

Taking a break from making loads of mini domes for Valentines (also thinking they could be themed, and personalised for weddings, babies, need to pursue this idea, thanks to the amazing Vicki Dean for this!) to be pro active in my blog, all fired up from a Design Factory workshop….

Being part of the fabulous Design Factory is one of the best things for being freelance and spending loads of time in my studio.  The opportunities for professional development, the sense of being part of a community of like minded and focussed individuals is all part of what keeps my momentum going sometimes.  The networking opportunities alone, and my awareness of other makers, which keeps growing through Twitter, Facebook and workshops feeds directly into my practice.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a marketing workshop with the inspiring Pete Moseley, part of the Design Factory Thrive programme at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.   Loads of ideas, some I had thought of, loads I hadn’t.  Group discussions with a fab bunch of makers at all stages of their careers, great to hear of the differing approaches depending on product and practice.  This was a definate push to apply the tools I’d been thinking of, I picked up some new ideas, and  I am trying hard to adopt a more strategic approach to my marketing!

Things I remember –

  • The more places you have a profile on the internet, the higher google will promote you
  • A monthly newsletter to my mailing list is a realistic goal, and not too pushy (how English!)
  • Tags are important
  • What is your STORY- this is part of your practice, integral to your work
  • Market yourself for all learning styles- See, Say, Think, Hear
  • There is so much help out there: apps to co-ordinate your tweeting, mailing apps, blogging support forums, and help for website development/maintenance through loads of lower cost avenues- eg. uni students
  • Video my making process!!!

Newsletter is now in the making.  My goal is for that to be out before the end of January – If i publish that comment….. it has to happen!



Can’t quite believe its been October since i last posted. So this is a bit of an underline to last year and a slightly belated welcome to 2014.

Last year I met some amazing people who were so inspiring and kind with ideas and advice.  Some of you were visitors to shows and fairs, and left comments in books and on cards, loads of you have been fellow makers and artists, so ace with feedback and advice (Judy, Heather, Vicki, Ruth to name too few) others have been more vocal!  The amazingly talented photographer Fiona Murray, and artist and furniture maker Steve Handley have made huge impressions though!   Steve’s workshop is a must visit this year, although my ordered chaos will be pushed to the extreme i suspect!  Car booting is even more exciting with Fiona….

Today I found out that Nerys Seeks Peace has sold in the Rugby Open, so a very fond farewell to her, she kept me calm. Others who moved onto pastures new included Pippas Bunny Ears, Annas Always Waiting, Stella Shocks, Marigold Always Touches and Felicity Favours Men, amongst, happily (and with a touch of yearning) many others.

Marigold Always TouchesPippas Bunny Earsannals Always WaitingNerys Seeks Peace

I also started a new range of more abstract and floral pieces which I sold at both Lustre and  at 8Artists@The Lewis for Warwickshire Open Studios.

Carousel Dream BouquetAmi

Another new range is my miniatures, which were fab for christmas, and I am now working on a selection I can make all year.IMG_3035 IMG_2997

How do I find this entry so difficult from a technology perspective- I’m not admitting to how long its taken me just to add these few words and images, I’m sure its supposed to be quicker than this!  Sketchbook guilt is pulling me, 3 and a half hours until the kids are home, so characters to create – donated objects , tradition, religion, greek orthodox shrines, are the starting points.

Making now for the shop at National Centre for Craft and Design and SOCK14 with other applications underway… and a break from this keyboard…